UC to sport new uniforms in postseason


CINCINNATI When the University of Cincinnati men’s basketball team takes the court at the Big East Tournament this week in New York City and hopefully the NCAA Tournament, the squad will be donning new uniforms.

The university and footwear and apparel company announced Tuesday that the Bearcats were selected by adidas as one of three programs in the country to wear the new, ultra lightweight adizero basketball uniforms throughout its postseason run.

Cincinnati will wear the new uniforms beginning Thursday when they play their first game in the Big East Tournament (March 6 10). Their opponent has yet to be determined but will be between Georgetown and/or Pittsburgh and St. John’s. Whoever wins between Pittsburgh and St. John’s then takes on Georgetown for a right to play UC. The Bearcats, who won 12 conference games for the first time since joining the Big East, earned a double bye for this year’s tournament, also a school first.

Cincinnati’s postseason uniforms feature a limited design, coloring and a new pixilated pattern instead of a traditional, heavier solid pattern. wholesale jerseys The new uniforms shed weight, add speed and are inspired by teamwork and working together to attack the court as a group, according to adidas. The amplified school colors pay homage to the high intensity of March Madness and the electrifying play during the NCAA Tournament.

“We are excited to be a part of an elite number of schools that adidas chose to promote on a national stage during March Madness,” UC Director of Athletics Whit Babcock said. “While the unique uniform color scheme is temporary for the Bearcats, it certainly will draw attention and a younger demographic to our C Paw logo and our energetic brand of basketball. The technology and new lightweight design of the uniforms is very impressive as well.”

“It’s a compliment to the growth of our program that Cincinnati gets to take part in this unveiling,” UC head coach Mick Cronin said. “The postseason uniforms are something the players are really going to enjoy.”

Adidas says the adizero basketball uniform is 40 percent lighter than previous uniforms and uses an unlined short to eliminate unnecessary weight and provide a more comfortable, closer fit with compression base layers. Teams will also sport the new adidas Team Crew basketball sock, which according to adidas, uses compression throughout the entire sock for added stability and CLIMALITE moisture wicking technology to reduce weight added by sweating.

“It’s a smart idea to get the chance to play wearing a lighter jersey and it will bring a new look the Bearcats,” UC sophomore guard Sean Kilpatrick said. “It gives us more recognition and shows that our hard work throughout the year is paying off. To be one of only three schools in the nation to wear these uniforms is unbelievable.”

Day swim in annual polar bear plunges


His dad, John Pentland, stood in the surf wearing a wet Santa costume, complete with a hat and white beard, and said the polar bear swim is simply tradition for the family.

more important than New Year Eve. This is what gets us going for the year, he said.

The oldest Polar Bear Club in the country was founded in 1920 in Vancouver, and since then the frosty tradition has since spread across the country.

The Vancouver event remains the largest, however, attracting a record breaking 2,500 people in 2014.

This year, nearly 2,000 people registered for the swim, but there were even more who jumped in the water possibly enough to set a new record, said Sarah Kirby Yung, chairwoman of the Vancouver Park Board.

energy down here is fantastic, and that kind of what brings people together, she said.

While some opted to wear their traditional bathing suits, others were clad in costumes, pyjamas or brightly coloured wigs.

Ken Hamilton sported a hat covered with his pins from previous polar bear swims and a red headband to celebrate the decades he been attending the event.

used to have a small bus and now we have a bigger one, said Hamilton, who came with about 30 others this year. just gets better and better every year. canada goose uk was a bright, sunny afternoon under a cloudless sky and with the water was a balmy temperature of about eight degrees, Hamilton said it was one of the warmest swims yet.

Canadians taking the plunge elsewhere in the country weren as lucky.

Snow flurries didn deter several hundred people from turning out at a Toronto beach to run en masse into Lake Ontario in the 11th annual Toronto Polar Bear Dip.

In Oakville, Ont., Olaf the snowman, Santa Claus and at least one Star Wars storm trooper were among the 800 to dive into Lake Ontario.

Jenna Courage has done the dip at least 10 times but said she never gets used to the cold. She and a friend jumped up and down to keep warm, as snow fell around them, before they ran into the water.

Her father, Todd Courage, helped found the Oakville dip 31 years ago, and he participated every year since then.

For the past 20 years, he and his brother have partnered with World Vision Canada. Swimmers donate money to register, this year raking in $130,000 to bring clean water to Rwanda.

Organizers estimate 250 swimmers one wearing a lab coat and riding a boogie board entered the water during a polar bear dip at Britannia Beach in Ottawa, as cross country skiers made their way through a nearby park.

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Make sure to select the correct treatment for the situation to avoid detrimental effects. This health e letter is going to give you some health advice about which sunscreen is the best for maintaining healthy, cancer free skin. A recent study has shown the importance of selecting a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin against tumors and early aging.

Olander’s move marks a huge change in management at a firm with close political ties to Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, who will not seek re election this year. The firm, whose lawyers include Larry S. Nearby occasion upon July Eighteen, people from france Venice, textile with Swedish battler Yi draws Ximoweiji to reveal polo tank top before flat iron tower system associated with dust simple Im. Prior to this, elegant staff reachs Yi Bahsettirrim along with Parisian bamboula ear participate in settlement, become rules layer battler of your primary excessive shell out.michael kors handbags In review can enjoy brand new community about August Thirty one external intermediary record, this Parisian fiesta ear canal that a person associated with remarkable abilities purchases quite a few gigantic now beautiful class leaves around regulation battle suits this agency is definitely damaging, attain 3 following lure only.

Since beauty boxes launched in the UK a few years ago, a whole host of different services have emerged, focused on everything from discovering new products to testing ones you’ve had your eye on for ages, and covering niches such as organic beauty, nail polish only and perfume. The concept is simple sign up and receive a gorgeous package of new and exciting beauty samples each month but choosing which to go for is less so. Luckily, we’ve done the leg work for you.

The pigs roam freely foraging and grazing on pasture grasses until they reach market weight. As a result, the meat is more succulent, tender and richer. “It tastes like the pork your grandmother used to cook,” says Jim Parker of Heritage Farms Northwest.

Day seven of fashion week wrapped up yesterday and it may have been one of the best days so far. Fashion Week is an event that is held in New York City and draws in thousands of fashion designers who are anxious to show off their clothing designs. Models, actors, media, fashion fans and other big name designers all come to watch as the some of the designers send their best samples down the runway..

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For more info, call (561) 620 1390. Not only will Grammy grabbing singers Seal and the Pointer Sisters perform, but uber hot designer Michael Kors will restage his fall fashion show he debuted in New York last month. This girls’ luncheon combines fun, fashion and philanthropy while celebrating the arrival of spring and the newest fashion trends..

This model of the 350D looks a little bit like a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids version of Corsair’s Obsidian Series 650D. I suppose that’s no accident, since the two enclosures are part of the same product line.Michael Kors Online The 350D just happens to be a little smaller and a little newer, as well, since it was announced just a few months ago..

As of Monday evening, police released few details about the killing, other than to say the death was ruled a homicide by Northampton County Coroner Zachary Lysek. In a news. Police identified the men killed as Gregory J. Other measures haven’t even gotten that far. Costa first introduced in 2010 a bill providing burial benefits to Hmong veterans who’d fought on behalf of the United States during the Vietnam War. In May 2015, he offered his latest version, which has attracted 18 co sponsors but has not had a hearing..

This opulent floral retains an elegant air of confident Italian sensuality. A modern chypre accord without sharpness, Si Intense also has the warmth of vanilla without its sometimes sickliness, balancing form and function masterfully as you would expect from anything bearing the name of old master Armani. The black bottle with Si picked out in gold is modelled on hand blown Murano glass.

Furthermore, greening the grid cannot be done overnight. It takes years to approve projects these days, with the application process and regulatory approvals, not to mention the wide spread consultation and so called social licences required to move forward. You can’t suddenly clear land and install wind turbines or solar panels and say, Even green projects are often met with resistance.

Eyes are more than the windows to the soul. Their are the portals to the heart. Observe how lovers gaze for hours on end? Extending the amount eye contact makes an acquaintance feel that both of you are already in a deep state of attraction and it geometrically increases rapport.

Diagnosing a Nexus 7


If you cannot directly probe what you are interested in, look for what it should be connected to and whether that gives you alternate means to access what you want.

The notch at the top is where the LVDS ribbon passes to the top side of the motherboard. Those eight vias near the top of the red ellipse are almost certainly where the ribbon connector’s LVDS traces jump to an internal layer, popping back out at the eight vias near the top of the purple ellipse along their way to the LVDS transmitter.

After confirming that the LVDS signals do indeed pop up at those vias, I continued my testing by checking continuity across the 10 pad 1608 packages around the LVDS chip. These are 27pF low pass filter chips with four channels apiece. canada goose women All of them measured up at 2.2 2.7, which means no shorts or opens there. The next thing I checked was shorts between the LVDS traces from the filter chips to ground. Looks like I have found my problem, except for one small detail. Can you guess what it is? The answer is in the picture. In any case, I ended up on a wild goose chase across the motherboard.

Now that I know for certain that there is a short on the ribbon cable, the next question is: where? There isn’t much that can go wrong in a flexible flat cable, especially on one where the signal traces never switch sides. It is a simple sandwich of one structural and two insulating polyimide layers with two copper layers for signals and power. Since there are no signal vias to short to other layers and no dents in the cable that could indicate a layer to layer short, the most likely source for my problem is under the wafer connector: a solder bridge between pins or pads.

Because my order was taking so long to arrive, I started the “where is my stuff” process on eBay and, after two weeks of chngsm asking me to wait one more week, he agreed to re send the order. I could have patiently waited for my replacement order to arrive, continuing to use my tablet as is. But what the heck? I have a hot air PCB rework wand now; I might as well use it.

I’m still using my 2013 N7, and luckily I’ve never had the sort of issues you describe here. Sure, the touchscreen is a bit slow, but nothing awful. I bought it late about two years ago now so that might explain some of this. After the Marshmallow update (hooray, an Android update arriving on time for the N7 2013 LTE!), it’s been entirely stable, and slightly quicker than before. By the way, I can’t remember ever needing more than two touch points. Repair, reuse, repurpose, resell. It survived numerous system updates unscathed until last December’s 6.0.1 update. It bricked it and required a factory reset. It always had the following minor issues though:1) Auto Rotation becomes locked unless an app forces it to change. Only a reboot fixes it.2) Sometimes the touch screen flakes out and stops registering touches. Power cycling (not rebooting, just putting to standby via the power button) fixes it, as does a reboot.3) It became unusably slow after the first 5.0 update. I wish I went back to 4.4.3(?) back then, but afterwards, games choked, apps stopped working well. But it still worked.4) The micro usb port is unstable. Have to play the “angle game” to get it to seat and charge properly. But it was one of the best tablets aside from those issues. Currently, its being used by my girlfriend as her first foray into the Android world.

I’m still using my 2013 N7, and luckily I’ve never had the sort of issues you describe here. Sure, the touchscreen is a bit slow, but nothing awful. I bought it late about two years ago now so that might explain some of this. After the Marshmallow update (hooray, an Android update arriving on time for the N7 2013 LTE!), it’s been entirely stable, and slightly quicker than before. By the way, I can’t remember ever needing more than two touch points. Also, remembering to keep a seldom used tablet charged is a hassle like no other and switching it off completely means a roughly 1 minute wait to turn on, by which time I’ve already picked up my phone instead.

I fully support repairing your N7 for a couple of reasons:

1: throwing away an otherwise fully functional piece of hardware is just dumb. Repair, reuse, repurpose, resell. The world has no need of more electronics waste.

My N7 issues aren’t over yet: the USB port on my N7 decided to die a few weeks after I sent this story in, so that’s one more thing on my growing laundry list of things to look into fixing. www.gooseonsale.top Now it only charges at a meager 280mA instead of the more reasonable former 860mA and I get no data connection to my PC. The next time a firmware upgrade goes wrong, it may be the end of the line.

for charging you should see about getting the docking station for it that charges by using the pogo pins on the side of the tablet

Lots of cheap tabs with 1GB of RAM, barely working digitizers, long outdated OS versions, no support and who knows how many other issues. I’m not going to buy another tablet with only 1GB of RAM on it: that may have been fine four years ago under Android 4.2 but with apps, APIs, runtimes and the core OS getting a little heavier each year, 1GB is barely enough to have one non trivial app open at a time on a 32bits ARM platform today. On x86 64, I’d even bump my minimum requirement to 3GB RAM based on how the ZenTab z580c’s 2GB RAM could barely handle two open apps at a time after I got done updating its bloatware.

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8 ting du må vite hvis du ikke ønsker å dø på Beach

Stranden er et enkelt sted hvor folk går for å slappe av, slippe unna sine forpliktelser og har smertefull, modig sex under strandpromenaden. Men badegjestene er ofte uforberedt på hvordan overfylt stranden kan være.

Betrakt typiske beachgoer, som vi kaller Bill fordi hans virkelige navn er for etnisk. Bill pakker bilen hans full av forsyninger og stasjoner til kysten, hvor han oppdager at linjene er for lang! I synet av hans mål, klokker Bill som offentlige tjenestemenn begynne rasjonering av havet. Dessverre, det er ikke nok havet igjen for ham, og en mulighet for en flott minne i stedet blir:

Vår venn Bill dro hjem unbeachified fordi han ikke hadde planlagt tilsvarende. Ikke la dette skje med deg. Bruk den enkle veiledningen nedenfor for å få mest mulig ut av turen til kysten turen. Enten du er en veteran stranden fyr eller en elendig turist, vil du lære hvordan du kan maksimere tredje kvartal morsomme inntekter og omfordele blue chip gleder til nøkkel lykke områder. Godt forsøk, geografer. eller skal jeg kalle deg science Warlocks? Din hokus pokus kan aldri pin ned den sanne ånd av stranden. Den tilhører en klasse av udefinerbare mysterier som ekte kjærlighet, Den Hellige Ånd og hvor Missouri er.
canada goose salg
Wikipedia ønsker å gå til det

Stranden er like. inni oss alle, mennesket

Begrepet beach kommer fra det svenske ordet boorkeldumpf, som betyr Et sted hvor fisken tisse, og det er veldig kaldt. Hvis du noen gang møter en svensk modell, kan du bruke denne trivia å imponere henne med din kunnskap om hennes folk, men du vil sannsynligvis aldri møte en Swedess, med mindre du går til de virkelig gode parter. Sjøen gjorde opprør, men ble raskt slått ned av den romerske Aqua Legion, som stakk den med sverd og spyd til havet ga etter for mannens vilje. Hundrevis av strender ble skapt av denne brutale metoden for erobring. Ironisk nok, er italienerne ikke lenger tillatt på mange av strendene smidde sine forfedre fordi Italias kyst er overkjørt med private feriesteder som eies av vestgoterne.

7. Hva slags Beach er jeg på?

Det er sju slags stranden. (En inneholder gjemte skatter! Kan du gjette hvilken?)

Offentlige stranden: Det er her du gå til trinn i gås akterdekk og se fete mennesker iført gull. Forvent minst en sleazy tenåring å ta bilder av jentene knapt i videregående skole. Det flotte offentlige strender er at hvert par sekunder kan du kjøpe en kald drink å slappe av og ta tankene bort fra den endeløse parade av leverandører bellowing i øret om kalde drikker.

Privat strand: Gamle folk gå hit for å nyte utsikten uten noen gang å ta en svømmetur.

Yacht Club: Hvis din strand utstyr inkluderer full lengde bukser, du gjør det galt, og ingen råd kan spare deg, folk jeg vokste opp med i Connecticut.

Men Wikipedia vet det er virkelig New Jersey

Wheee. Se på hvor mye moro vi har det?

Yacht klubber er for det meste unnskyldninger for øvre middelklasse typer å slurk Heineken sammen på kvelden. Om dagen, de holder seg innenfor og chart kurs eller reparere båten. Hvis du gjør regnestykket, de fleste menneskers årlig vedlikehold og lagring på en båt koster dem ca $ 550 for hver gang de faktisk ta den ut for et seil. Når det er sagt, du kan ha stranden for deg selv her, siden alle er opptatt med å finne ut hvordan en rorkult fungerer.

Wikipedia forandrer sin mening

For den komplette opplevelsen, tenk en høyttaler på seg en Mount Gay cap og den andre i en Black Dog T-skjorte

Crappy strand: I stedet for sand, har det steiner. Vannet er alltid kaldt, og herligheten hull i badet er nesten aldri bemannet.

Paradise: En tropisk strand hvor du kan drikke uten å forlate setet, fordi hvis du gjorde det, ville det ekvatoriale solen eksploderer deg.

Den godt stranden: Dette er vanligvis en offentlig strand så fjern at publikum og leverandører ikke bry deg med det. Snobbene liker det ikke fordi hvem som helst kan gå dit. Så det er ganske ess.

Symbolsk strand: Poets fortelle oss stranden er en metafor for unremembered dypet av menneskelige reisen. Men har du tenkt på at det er også en metafor for sex? Det meste er, vet du. Spesielt hvis ditt sexliv er kaldt og grått og inneholder krabber.

Stort sett havet representerer spennende uforutsigbarhet livet selv: det grenseløse horisonten! Muligheten til å lage din egen vei i alle retninger og dø der! For å søke lykken, og se den bli feid bort av en ufølsom tidevannet! Dette er spennende dooms lovet oss av markerings viktigste! Bli med oss, vil du ikke? Nei? Ganske fornuftig av deg, det.

Svar på Puzzler: Hver stranden har skatten! Det var i ditt hjerte alle sammen for du ser, har du lært at gode minner er den sanne rikdom.

The literal translation


The literal translation of “French kiss” is not used as much in Spanish. The literal translation of “French kiss” is “beso franc A few might know what you’re talking about and you’re saying it with finesse but the most natural way to say this is a literal translation of what a French kiss is. “Beso con lengua” which means “kiss with tongue” is the natural way of saying “French kiss” in Spanish.” Not quite as romantic but much simpler and to the point..

5. AcceptanceReaching this stage of mourning is a gift not afforded to everyone. Death may be sudden and unexpected or we may never see beyond our anger or denial. cheap michael kors Both groups were also asked whether they would want to see the assortment of options depicted in images or in text. About two thirds preferred to see images rather than words regardless of whether they had chosen eight or 27 choices. Even in mutual funds, participants preferred images over words.

Merck “is increasing our investment in exploratory biology in areas where biomedical research is converging, specifically in Cambridge, Massachusetts (home to Harvard University, where Merck has facilities). And the San Francisco Bay area,” said Keller. “Unfortunately, these changes will result in workforce reductions” at the company’s North Wales drug screening facility and the New Jersey sites “as we shift resources and personnel.”.

I spent the next several days productively sitting around being nervous. Then, on the day before my colonoscopy, I began my preparation. In accordance with my instructions, I didn’t eat any solid food that day; all I had was chicken broth, which is basically water, only with less flavor.

A lot of rounds by a lot of great players ahead of me that have never reached 58, so to hold that record alone right now, on the PGA Tour at least is phenomenal, Furyk said. Have a little, small place in history is something you dream of. It could have been even lower..

In the 1950s, Helena Rubinstein popularized blue eye shadow for the sock hopping teens of her decade. In each generation since, there been a fashionable role model with blue lids. Twiggy in the 1960s, Cyndi Lauper in the 1980s, Britney Spears in the early 2000s and Miley Cyrus in the mid 2000s have all sported blue eye shadow.

These websites are meant to make life easier, but instead they seem to add more stress 10 years ago if I wanted to catch up with my friends I let them knowover the phone. Not via text, not with an online structured with a good old fashioned phone call. And you know what? That way they couldn avoid me! They have to tell me then and there if they were interested in catching up not click or ignore me for three days until I cancel the event because nobody bothers to respond and then get bitter because none of my friends want to spend time with me (yes, it still raw)..

Daily Dollars Promotion


Imagine winning $10,000. You could buy a new car, pay off the credit card or even go on that dream holiday you always wanted to take and the Sunshine Coast Daily is giving you that chance all through March. To have a chance of winning all you need to do is collect $10,000 worth of Dollars and post to the Daily to complete the entry. canada goose uk Readers who purchase every paper from Sat 27 Feb Fri 26 March over the promotional period will have collected up to $40,000 worth of daily $$. Entry details will be available in the Daily Saturday and Wednesday and multiple amounts of Daily Dollars in the form of $500 and $1000 notes will be published daily throughout the promotional period. More details can be found in the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Terms and Conditions for Dollars competition 1. Method of entry: Contestants agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. To enter, Contestants must collect from one of below participating APN newspapers $10,000 worth of dollars which are published between Saturday 27 February and Friday 26 March 2010. the dollars must all be from the same APN newspaper. The dollars must be original newsprint no photocopies, scanned images, web prints, reproductions or other falsified artwork will be accepted. The $10,000 worth of dollars must be placed in an envelope marked APN newspaper name (see below list) Dollars competition, with your full name, address, and daytime contact phone number(s) on the back and then:

(a) sent by pre paid post to Dollars competition, (APN postal address, see below)

(so it is received before the Closure Time); or

(b) delivered to APN Newspaper physical address (see below)

Mackay The Daily Mercury (07) 4957 0496 PO Box 5813, Mackay Mail Centre. 4741 38 40 Wellington Street, Mackay

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7 Crazy Ting Testosteron gjør i kroppen din

Hører ordet testosteron og det første du kanskje tror er aggresjon. Men ny forskning fra Universitetet i Bonn viser at det ofte misforstått hormonet kan fremme sosial atferd og ærlige interaksjoner.

Forskerne ga 46 personer testosteron gel og 45 mennesker en placebo. Neste dag, alle 91 mennesker ble invitert til å kaste terningene i private, rapporterer tallene de landet på, og motta penger basert på deres resultater med høyere valser Nett mer penger. Etter å betale ut deltakerne, fant forskerne at menn som fikk testosteron gel selvrapportert sine tall mer ærlig.

Her er hvorfor: Høye nivåer av testosteron øke din følelse av stolthet og styrke ditt selvbilde og juks setter begge i fare, sier forskere. Med noen få dollar på linjen, deltakerne bare ikke var villig til å ta denne risikoen.canada goose norge butikker

Men testosteron gjør mye mer enn å holde deg ærlig. Studier har funnet at ikke bare hormonet påvirker måten du handler, men måten du handler kan påvirke dine T nivåer, også. Her er seks mer sprø ting testosteron hjelper deg å gjøre. (Pluss: Oppdag de fantastiske måter testosteron kan hjelpe deg å bygge større muskler, brenne av mage fett, og mer Lær hemmeligheten i The Testosteron Transformation!).

Hva kan T gjøre for deg? For det første, hva med å utsette daten din med grim reaper? Lav testosteron har vært knyttet til type 2 diabetes og fedme. Hva mer, har noen studier vist at menn med lavere nivåer stå en større sjanse for å lide av hjertesykdom.

Testosteron hjelper damene, også på en ny måte. Ifølge en studie fra University of Michigan 2009, kvinner med høyere T nivåer rapporterer mer positive seksuelle opplevelser. Forskerne fant at kvinner med høye nivåer av hormonet funnet sex for å være beroligende, avslappende og fredelig. Tidligere studier har også vist at kvinner med høye nivåer har mer sex og er mer sannsynlig å oppnå orgasme. Resultat.

Updates on Flint Firebirds season ticket sales


Management for the new Flint Firebirds have made it known their goal for season ticket sales for the first season at Perani Arena, and for the first time last week we got word on how it’s going.

Dominic Hennig, the team’s broadcaster and communications director, appeared last Thursday, June 11, on the Michigan Insider hockey radio show on 1050 WTKA AM in Ann Arbor and said ticket sales have hit one third of the goal.

“The community has a special buzz about it that I wouldn’t have expected,” Hennig told Ben Holden, show host and play by play guy for CBS Sports Network. “They’re already a third of the way through their goal for season ticket sales for the year and it’s already June, and the last I heard it was May.”

While an exact number wasn’t disclosed, Firebirds President Costa Papista has publicly pegged 1,500 as the club’s goal by the time the season starts in late September. cheap jerseys A third would mean approximately 500 tickets have been sold since they went on sale in early February.

RELATED: Analysis: Flint near the bottom of the OHL in ticket prices

Efforts to sell tickets really ramped up in March after the club, the former Plymouth Whalers, was named and given an identity. Since then, the Firebirds have hosted a public Open House event where fans interested in purchasing tickets were allowed to pick their seat in Perani Arena, with a capacity of 4,400.

TV spots began airing recently in the Flint area and have been in rotation during Stanley Cup Finals games, Hennig said.

Early bird season ticket prices started at $578 for Corporate/Gold sections, positioned center ice in between the circles, $442 for Silver sections on the other side of the blue lines stretching behind the nets, and $340 for Bronze in the upper rows of the sections behind Flint’s net.

They have since increased to $612, $476 and $374, respectively, for all 34 home games.

Signaling the likelihood that a naming rights partnership announcement is around the corner, Perani Arena’s exterior sign facing I 69 has been completely removed.

Poles still sit at the location south of the interstate while building officials prep for an all new LED sign, which is scheduled to be up and running by July 30, Hennig says.

Papista had previously set a target date of May 1 for a naming rights partner for the arena, but the date has come and gone without an announcement. Two to three partners had previously expressed interest in February, Papista said, and the former rights holder Perani’s Hockey World is not believed to be one of them.

Flint announced on June 5 the hire of Susana Wight as director of community relations and marketing.

Wight comes to the Firebirds from the Flint Genesee Chamber of Commerce, where she was a sales manager. She also has a background in entrepreneurship and running family owned businesses and experience in event management and hospitality, according to a release from the team.

She’s been involved with the team since it’s start up in January, helping with the Flint Generals Detroit Red Wings alumni hockey game in February and helping in the search for a team name.

“I’m excited to be a part of this great start up project for our community,” Wight said in a release. “I’ve loved the game of hockey ever since I attended my first NHL game in Los Angeles in the early 90s. I look forward to integrating our team into the fabric of our great community.”

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