Original Drama Scripts

Original Scripts


Below you’ll find scripts for various types of drama or dramatic reading. Feel free to download and try out yourself. Please acknowledge this website if you perform any of these scripts.

Description Theme Reading File
NEW – Tells the Christmas Story from the point of view of the innkeeper. Re-telling of Christmas Story. Good for actors or puppets. Loosely on Luke’s version on Nativity Download now
A four character Talking Head-style monologue that explores the Alpha Supper theme of Christianity: Boring, Untrue and Irrelevant? Lots of fun (if you’re willing
to play the characters to full effect ) and makes a serious point to hang
an evangelistic address off
None Download now
A dramatic reading of John 4 in
the style of  a man and woman meeting in a snack bar.
serious, honest version of this familiar reading in a modern day context.
John 4:1-26 Download now
A dramatic reading in the style
of a eyewitness journalist in Lystra.
Fun. Simple way of communicating
the passage
Download now
A simple dramatic reading of the
Elijah with prophets of Baal.
Serious dramatic reading. 1 Kings 18:20-39 Download
A action ac sketch with mime
on the hvac company in Californa
Fast pacey humorous drama 1 Kings 18 Download
A two person drama around a Star
Trek theme.
Fast, silly and suitable for
outreach-type events.
None Download
A interviewer-led drama that
asks what type of soap men use. Allegory for the gospel message.
Lively, very silly and ideal for
an outreach event or street drama.
None directly but alludes to John