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If you are looking for quality schools assemblies that meet the UK National Curriculum then we will posting them here. Helen writes for a variety of sites and offers custom written resources – you can contact her for more information.

Date Title Age Group Synopsis View
May 2013 – New! Urban Refugees – part 2 – Lost in the crowd . . . Suitable for Whole School To use photographs of urban refugees from an exhibition by the award-winning photographer Andrew McConnell to encourage pupils to reflect on how it feels to be lost in a crowd. View Assembly
April 2013 – New! Urban Refugees – part 1 – If I were a photographer . . . Suitable for Whole School To think about the question of how we can use our gifts for good. View Assembly
July 2011 Who are you? A question of Identity Suitable for Key Stage 4/Key Stage 5 To challenge the students to consider how they would define themselves, and encourage them to be true to who they really are (SEAL theme 4: Learning about me). View Assembly
June 2011 Just Do It Whole Primary School To challenge students about their response to need when it is presented to them, using a well-known event from the life of Jesus and Bob Geldof’s experience with Live Aid. View Assembly
June 2011 Unique You Key Stage 1 To remind the children of how special they are because they are unique and to challenge them to make someone else feel special today (SEAL theme 5: Good to be me). View Assembly
May 2011 The Climb Key Stage 2 To introduce the children to Jake Meyer, the youngest person at the time ever to climb Mount Everest (although that record has now been broken), and encourage them children to consider how they can tackle their own personal Everest. View Assembly
May 2010 Where would be without relationships? Whole Primary School To remind the children to be grateful for the relationships that they have and to think of others less fortunate than themselves (SEAL theme 6: Relationships). View Assembly
Feb 2010 The Pleasure of a Pencil? Key Stage 3 To encourage students to think, in this season of Lent, about how much they have and what they might give up for a while to focus on how they can help those who do not have as much. View Assembly
April 2009 Come and See Whole Primary School To convey something of the excitement of the first people to see the risen Jesus by using a more everyday illustration. Based on Bible verses from Matthew 28: verses 2-3, 5-7 and 8. View Assembly
May 2009 Life is like football Key Stage 2 To show the importance of having goals by drawing parallels between football and life. SEAL theme 4: ‘Going for goals’ View Assembly
December 2008 Christmas Lights Suitable for whole primary school TTo consider Jesus as a light in the darkness and to think how we can bring light into dark situations this Christmas. View Assembly
June 2005 Back to our senses: Touch Key Stage 3 To reflect on the importance of touch. This is the fourth in a series of five assemblies looking at Jesus’ response to our senses. View Assembly

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